Our rooms


The non-smoking rooms have a bathroom with toilet, shower and hair dryer. Your room is also equipped with, among other things, WiFi (complimentary), a notepad, a safe, satellite TV and complimentary in-house films.
You can choose between a pier and a river facing room. There’s a lift.


5 Loftletters

Unique designer rooms with a majestic view
Towering above the top deck of the Botel are 5 distinct Loft Letters. Spectacular spacious designer rooms each conceived and decorated by a different international designer. What better and unique way to spend the night!

B    has a halfpipe for skateboarders
O    o la la is synonymous with Histoire d’O
T    the Captain’s Room with its many hidden gadgets
E    a large screen ‘cinema’ bedroom: stream films from Eye Film
L    embodies traditional Japanese serenity, space, quietness, minimalistic design

Enjoy the views of the water and the city skyline. A sparkling celebration by day and night!